De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-03-03 10:47:29 (UTC)

Dragon Wind

Sunday 3/3/02

Slept till 6pm today!! a new record...rarely had a chance
to sleep i decided to is really
windy nowadays... it's fast building up to the gale force
in the winter.... think i betta buy some thicker jacket...

went out with dai jian and pinpin, from msia..on sat...we
went to the wharf to see the Dragon Boat Festival.fancy
that!! it's quite a big event here too... good to
see...shahir was in one of the boats..and heard that his
boat won the race..though i did not see it personally..well
done.... rented sommore videos at night...watched the
Faculty with luke...who seemed to have a fascination with
Clea Duval..hehehe...henry also dropped by today with food!
yummy, i had delicious chicken drumstick stew for
dinner...discussed about his final year project..he;ll be
doin some digital recording database thingy...

back to work on monday!!