Matt's Ramblings
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2001-05-07 00:05:06 (UTC)

Grounded you ask?

Well, from my title, I'm sure most you can see that I am
grounded. Well, it's true, it's true. Why, you ask. Well
here it is.
As you can recall from my last entry I took a sick day off
on Friday. Well, since I didn't go to school, my mom
wouldn't let me out so I had a bunch of people over. We
played some video games, but quickly got bored so we went
outside. We decided to play Ding Dong Ditch. So we went
up the street next to mine, and the perfect opportunity for
terror came up. They had their sprinkler on. I was
excited. I ran up, but the sprinkler in front of their
door, and then rang the door bell. It was funny. The man
was smart though, he went out his garage, but the sprinkler
back and stayed outside for a while. That was it for that
street. Then we went to my friends house, Harry and Noah,
our favorite spot. On our way, my little brother and his
friend followed us, so we let them come along to do our
dirty work. We get to their house and make the little ones
ring the door bell. The Goldbergs came out, pretty funny.
Then we went around to the other side of the house, and did
it again. By then they were calling out my name, so I
refused to ring it. Then they came out with flashlights.
TIME TO BOLT! We run all the way down the street and hide
next to a dumpster. They find us and we all split up. My
little brother, Ben, my little brothers friend Jeff, and me
all went to McCarthy school while Andy and Adam went
somewhere else. We spent about a half an hour looking for
Adam and Andy until we found them. They told us the Harry
and Noah (HN) went to my house while they were the looking
for me. Adam and Andy bolted while HN were still in the
house. So then we go back to my house for a while until we
made our second trip to HN house. We did it one more time,
and they were pissed. Well, now we were ready to go home,
so my little brother, (MLB) and my little brothers friend
(MLBF), Andy and Adam walked by their house and Noah runs
out. They got into a little fight which ended with Andy
taking out Noah and I guess busting his lip. Me and Ben
knew they were waiting so we didnt go in front, we went
behind. When we got home, my step-dad told me and MLB that
our friends had to go home. So MLBF went home, but I kept
my friends here, because their parents would be pissed if
they called. So I locked my door and we stayed there. In
the morning they went home on bikes and scooters. Funny
Night. What's not funny is that I am grounded and I had to
call the Goldbergs and apologize. That sucked.
Last Night I had to babysit my little sister since I was
grounded. Well all I have to say is that she is a complete
bitch and I don't like her. I better get paid good for the
seven hours I babysat.
Pearl Jam was on VH1 again at eleven last night. If you
already didn't know, Pearl Jam is by far my favorite band
so if any of you want to talk about them just Email me at
[email protected] or IM at MBarr7317. Today I continued
my baseball season with the Mariners and swept the Angels,
and took two from another team which slips my mind right
now. The Red Sox are tied for first with Toronto. In case
you were wondering I didn't get a chance to help Ben with
his movie last night, I was mad.
The Simpsons are on, gotta go. Email me, IM me, respond do
anything, I just want feedback. I now have three fans,
keep them coming.


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