the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-03-03 09:07:13 (UTC)

if only life was always this good

oh wow have i had an eventful couple of weeks since i can
remember lastwriting
started out i got my snow board and i was so psyched about
going well then everyone bailed on me but it was cool cause
i got to hang out with kristy and meggie
then on my actual bday mom and dad took me out to eat and
that was a blast
then came the weekend saturday we actually got to go
boarding kristy and i went during the day and then i went
with shauna chris and kenny......that was great kenny
taught me how to stop and i had so much fun with them
then we got back to shaunas and i got my wish i was held
all night long...kenny is such a doll
then this week i found out i am going to panama for SB...
this summer my friend arthur is gonna fly me out to houston
to stay with him for a couple going to maui in
july and on top of it all i have rekindled some old
but thats not all i found out that 3 possibly 4 guys like me
and i am doing better in school.....
then the best part of everything i found my confidence
tonight....called someone out for their stupidity and
humiliated them...wanna know the story details on me
just give me a call

Love you all
Good night