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2001-05-06 22:28:01 (UTC)

lazy dog-dangling sunday afternoon

my tounge is red from the ritas water-ice i am slurping on.
this will be the last year i buy from them the cups are way
smaller and over a dollar! i remember when i used to go
there after school with 1.50 in my hand and get a medium
ice and a pretzle to dip with change.... sound like my
grandpa? hope so when i get my buisness started i am doing
it for the people not for myself this world is
horrible...........i was at a bank robbery friday. the
robber was cute he didnt get any money, the cops came as he
was handed it. i slept at alexs house last night with
chadd and have the best night ever.i havent laughed like
that in a long time i miss it...i miss alot of things....i
dont miss my dad i barely knew him we just met.. gonna
go my water ice is turning to red water.....later tanya

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