Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2002-03-03 07:07:21 (UTC)

Over his house

I want to call him my boyfriend but im not 100% sure what
we are, we do things like talk and play with each we watch
and go to the movies( if i take the time to go when he asks
me). I went over to his house yesterday of course my mom
being over protective as hell said yeah...but called his
mom lowkey to see if she was going to be home. what did
they think we were going to do just start going at it as
soon as we got to the house i thought we were going
to be be in the central part of the house for u all who
dont know what that means:the central house is the living
room or kitchen its the part of the house where it can be
accessed whenever. That wasnt the case. His mom
had "company" in the living room so im thinking like where
we gon go then. He's like SC come on then he started up the
stairs i lagged behind him for a second then followed close
so i would know where to go. This was my first time going
over there to chill i mean ive been over there with my sis
twice but those were only for hot seconds like to get some
of her stuff. She dates his older brother.This was my first
time being in his room too. any way when we got up to the
room the door was closed. he openned the door (IT WAS HIS
BEDROOM). Im gon to be truthful i was a lil uneasy bout
that but that soon faded when he cleared the bed off and we
began to watch the movie.we behaved ouruselves for the most part
(wink)nothing heavy. i layed in his arms while we
watched the movie his mom stopped by once whereas my mom
would have stopped in and/or my brother 50 times more. i
like being over there with him i know i cant really say
only being there once but its something about being with
him that i dont know it's a really strong feeling.i've
known him since he was 17 he's 20 now for the first time
since ive known him he kissed me yesterday (he's not much
older than me only two years my birthday is just late). I
remember back then when we first started talking to him he
told me that he didnt kiss ( but he would ...) he's done
that 2x to me but anyway he kissed me for the first time
while we were laying on the bed. I really like him i mean
alot i don't want to say or do somethin stupid like tell
him how i feel because i dont want to know the reaction if
it's not what i want to hear.(yes im like that).
~Sweet Cocoa~