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2002-03-03 04:32:50 (UTC)

at bens house...

lemme tell ya about my day.

woke up around 9. stayed in bed around 1030...and i was
just laying there, listening to music and, i started
crying. really. crying, not just a little cry but a lot of
crying. haha. i dont know why. it was just a depressing
day. i dont know what went wrong. and then i got online and
did nothing. around 2ish i talked to nicole and by 330 we
were on our way out and about. we went to old navy and we
went to the coolest store in the WORLD. haha. we were
entertained. then we went to her house and.....later went
to starbucks with mike and ben. HAHA. that was crazy.
afterward, we went to bens for a minute, and ended up
staying a few hours...it was SOOOOO funnnyyyy. and mike and
ben did what they enjoy doing best...while nicole and i had

HAHHAHAHAHA. that picture was hilarious.

and i showed them my secret hobby...haha....and we all
layed around in bens bed haahHAHAHA...yea...crazy stuff.

and when mike and nicole left me and ben alone in the bed,
i was like..ahhh...noo....stay...

and they turned the light off! AHH!

but bens hot so....

nothing happened. haha i layed there and told him to not
touch me. and he listens well. :]

and we found bens 'easy access blanket' hahahah!!

and we all looked through the past 2 years yearbooks-

its amazing how many girls looked like boys hahahaha

and then...we went around bens yard lookin for a picture
hahah yea...

amd then....home...

and stephen is being standoffish. err.

and....im gonna go now...later on.