2002-03-03 04:11:22 (UTC)

If you dont learn from the past your doomed to repeat it

Do you ever get that feeling like youve done something
before, that your doing right now. I can honestly say that
today it kinda hit me, im almost in the exact same spot I
was last year. I have no girl friend, I have a girl that ive just
finialy found peace with in myself , Katie who was Nikki last year,
im working at AMC worried about making tennis, waiting to go to
georgia, fighting with my friends, being as hopelesly romantic as
one guy can possibly be. I am positivly in the same place
that I was last year. The weirdest thing is, im happy about
this. I learned so much the past year, but i managed to
keep the part of me that I thought was dying, the part that
said, if I find that girl, im gonna be the guy to turn her
world upside down, im gonna be the one, to tell her I love
her and look out for her, to be the one there for her thru
good and bad. love is the simpelest thing to find but the
hardest to regonize, we all think its so far out of our
reach when it isnt, love is that feeling when on your best
and your worst day that person is on your mind, because
just thinkin of them makes your life better, seeing them
makes your heart beat faster, and holding them in your arms
leaves you breathless, I may not be in love now but when i
am, I know how to regonize it, this is what ive learned the
past year.