a little piece of me
2002-03-03 03:50:41 (UTC)

sad mafioso

i have found the perfect song to define my mood. it's
called, as the topic indicates, 'sad mofioso'. it's by a
group called 'godspeed you black emperor'. they're from
canada, i believe. group of nine, consisting of a few
guitars, bass, cello, and violins. this song breaks my
heart, but it's the most beautiful thing i've ever heard.
i really shouldn't listen to it now, being that i'm a bit
down still. i just can't help it. without a single word,
it describes the way i feel perfectly. it's a bit
eclectic, i suppose, but i love it.

well, i'm going to listen to godspeed more, draw (seems
like i draw best when i'm down), and then crash. i'm
drained today. good night everyone.


ps...lester, thanks so much for your words. both the email
and the feedback...i will answer you personally, but not
right now. i feel so bad, i just can't do it right now.
hope you understand. i'm sorry.

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