Fleating Thoughts
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2002-03-03 03:16:59 (UTC)

I m going to see a couple of..

I'm going to see a couple of friends at the end of this
month which should be truely fun. I'm suppoesed to go to a
Toga party the nignt I get out there but Amos says he's
trying to get G to go. I don't know what to think about
that. I was hopeing not to see him. I don't want a fight
and I don't want to cry but if I see him, it might happen.
At the same time I want to see him because I miss him. We
were best friends and I miss that. Plus the friendship can
be saved. I would really like to see how he's doing and
what he's been doing. No matter What I do, I can't hate
him. I don't want either

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