My Life by Jen
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2001-05-06 18:43:40 (UTC)

The Guy for Me. Perfection isn't important.

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be alone for the rest of
my life. I'm happy, don't get me wrong....I just don't want
to be happy alone. In a guy I look for a sense of humour.
You have to be able to laugh. I want someone who will always
be there for me, and will look into my eyes and tell me that
I am beautiful. I want a guy who looks nice, but more
importantly, looks this way because of his
confidence...knowing that he is an incredible person because
of what he believes and what he feels and thinks. I want a
guy who will lie beside me on a sunday afternoon, wasting
away time watching movies and just chilling out... happy to
be with me. I want a guy who doens't feel that he has to buy
me things to win me over...just his love, concern and
gestures are enough. I want a guy who will like me for
me...who isn't all hung up about how much money I have, how
many pounds I weigh, or whether or not I'll give him some. I
want a guy who picks me out of a crowd because he believes
my sense of humour, intelligence, and loving nature are
amazing. I want to be the best thing a guy could ever hope
for. For one day, I want a guy to think I am beautiful in
all ways, and want me for who I am. I want a guy to love,
and to love me.
SO there's what I think:)

Maybe, I'm dreaming.
Yes I have dreams. And this is one of them:)

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