mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-03 00:41:44 (UTC)

2 Days now....

ok, this makes 2 days now that lisa isnt talkin to me. What
am i supposed to make of this ??
I am again startin to feel like it may be over between us,
I really dont know what to do, I am not gonna take a job in
Massachusetts just because it will be a shorter commute. I
am makin $14.87/hr now, and i feel that i am worth every
penny. I know my job , and i do it well. I put more into
this job than most here, I dont know alot about the
computer system for firefighters, but as far as actually
doing this job and knowing what to do with the calls and
what to do if i am alone etc., I think that I am one of the
best that this place has. I get taken for granted, because
of fact that partner is braggart and has to make sure he
shines b4 all others, but he only thinks he is great. He
has chief of dept wrapped around his finger, but if chief
would be willing to open eyes, he would see that i aint
half bad either. I take this job seriously, even if we do
get a lot of bs calls. Most people fail to understand the
importance of the dispatchers job. it is always ohhh, you
firemen, or ohh you policemen , or you medics ,you all were
sooo helpful, well everyone - GUESS WHAT ??? none of them
would have done anything if it werent for the DISPATCHER
that got your crazy ass calmed down and found out what the
hell was goin on , so WE could send the proper help to
you .Thats right, without ME, you woulda got NO HELP at all.
so , next time THANK THE DISPATCHER !!! cause it was
because of him/her that you got the help that you did.
and, someday i will find a job in massachusetts area that
will pay me what i am making now, or damn close to it, but
i will not take a job that is gonna be a 2.87/hr cut in
pay. I want to keep roof over everyones head , mine, and
kids , so i need to keep very close to same rate of pay. If
i was on my own, with noone but myself & kids to worrry
bout, then, maybe i might consider a serious cut like that,
but even then , i highly doubt it ....