The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-03-03 00:31:32 (UTC)


It's so odd how I can feel the boredom seeping in on me. I
am sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing. Everyone I
know has plans for the night... plans which don't include
me and I just want to go curl up in my bed and sleep. It's
only 19 minutes anfter 7 and I feel so tired. I love being
on campus during the week because there is so much to do
but on the weekend it's hard not to become a hermit and
stay in the whole time. I'm thinking about typing the paper
that I have due on Monday... that's how bored I am. I have
picked up my share of the room, cleaned our fish tank, done
my laundry, veiwed a move with my roommate, and watched
lots and lots of television but one person can only watch
so much television without having their brain turned to

Hopefully Travis will call me tonight. I really miss him
which kind of adds to my overall emotional dispare (well,
dispare isn't really the word I'm looking for here but I
can't find a better one).

Blah on boredom and missing Trav!

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