A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-03-03 00:15:00 (UTC)

All I Ask For...

saturday 03.02.02

all i ask is a moment in time
for me to look at u
so i can touch u
look into ur eyes
find ur heart
to see if u're really mine

all i ask is hand to take in mine
someone to walk beside me
protect me from the world
guiding me with ur kindness
smile for me everyday
caring for me in every way

all i ask is someone to love
someone to hold and cherish
move on in iife together
lean on each other
thru the good times and the bad
til the day eternity fades away

all i ask is care
loving arms for me to cry in
warm hand to hold
listening to u breathe
cherishing ur life as my own

all i ask you

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