Mysterious Attitude
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2001-05-06 18:36:30 (UTC)

Sunday May 6,2001

~~~Last Night~~~

I was online last night and this boy (Ricky) Imed me... he
he my age and we talked for a while so... I gave him my
pager number.... and he paged me at like 10:00pm... I gave
him a call back and we talked... bout all kindz of
thingz... then he was like well I'm bout to go home.. and
I'll page u back... so he paged me like 5 minutes after he
left.. so I called him back... and we talked sum more.. and
I was startin to get a lil horny cuz he sounded sorta
good.. and he can speak spanish... hehe So I started to
moan just to see what he did... lol and he got soooo
quite... I was like why aint u talking... he was like cuz
I'm listenin to u.... lol and whatcha know.. he even moaned
a lil sorta makin fun of me.. but he sounded so cute..so we
talked until like 12:30 and he is supposed to page me
today.. So I'll see.... Well after I talked to him.. I
watched a movie... tried to paint my fingernails... and
listen to music... then at 2:30 I heard my pager goin off..
So I went to check it to see who it was.... I was stunned
to see it was Louie!! So I called him back... he was all
like I didn't wake u up did I? I was like nah... and we
were talking and he was askin if I was mad at him cuz of
what his roomate did.. I told him no.. it wasn't your
fault... he also told me the reason he called me cuz he saw
Prince on tv the other night.. and he thought there is my
gurl's boy.... and he was thinking bout me all that night
so he deciced to call me... I was like awww... So we were
talking... and I asked him.. have u been drinking... he was
like yeah a lil how could u tell.. I was like I'm just
talented like that.. lol and he told me " Don't go finding
any other guy... just please give me a chance" I was
like... ok but I never told u no.. and U have never asked
have u...he was like yeah I know.. but if we did go out...
u couldn't be tellin everyone at school.. I was like yeah I
know.. I wouldn't... that almost made me cry.. he was like
being so sweet... and he really wants to see me.. but I
have to work sumthing out with my mom... and now I feel bad
for kissing Bobby.. I mean he don't care anything for
me.... nothing at all.. I mean I could've used that kiss
for sumone who does care... sumone like Lou... Lou also
wants a tape or a cd of songs I like.. so I'm going to go
buy this cd "FreeStyle 4 Lovers Vol 3" for him.. and make a
tape with all kindz of songs on it.. and when I meet him..
I'm going to give them to him.. along with my poems..But I
dunno when that day well come... I'm so confused right
now.. cuz I like Lou and also John.. and they both like
me... and I dunno.. I mean Lou lives closer to me... while
John is in Cail... but John is sooo sweet.. but then again
so is Lou... I don't know what to do.. I hate having this
feeling.. cuz I'm like tore between 2 people... Maybe I can
think of sumthing... I tell u.. my life is full of so many
guyz.. I feel like one big player.. I mean I think I need
to quit.. lol cuz I'm going to get in sum trouble... and
Kelly just told me.. that John really does like me.. and
she thinks he is tryin to win me.. which he has... but so
has Louie... good lawd I dunno what to do... lol I guess I
gotta think bout it..... well thats bout all for last night
and sumwhat today also.. I'm just waitin for Lou and Ricky
to page me.. lol what fun huh.. I just hope one calls at
one time and another a few hours after.. lol please please
let them page at different times... lol

~~~Today~~~ 1:33 pm

My life just keeps gettin more intresting as the dayz
past.. I mean good lawd.... I'm only 13 soon to be 14 and
look at all this stuff that has happened... lol either I'm
a bad gurl.. or a boy magnet.. I'm guessin both lol... but
anyhow.. today all I have really done is listen to music so
far cuz I just got up.... a lil later I gotta do my
homework and wait for Lou and Ricky to page me.. and yay I
don't have to go to school Mon. cuz I'm supposed to be in
Minn... hehe So that's bout all for now... so bye bye 4 now

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