The Basement
2002-03-03 00:07:13 (UTC)

Giving in

So far away,
it seems like i cant reach you.
Dont know how much it takes,
just to stop remembering you.
Your constantly on my mind,
haunting my dreams,
and teasing my reality.
I slowly go insane,
as I hear your voice,
I turn around,
find not you to end this chase.
I found shelter,
in your voice.
I found truth,
in the shortest of your words.
No matter how much I got of you,
its not enough,
blame me for being selfish,
but it seems I just cant let you go.
I throw your name from my mind,
but i hear it every minute.
I close my eyes,
but i see you in the darkest of places.
I close my mouth,
but you always slip into my prayers.
I never was secure,
but the mention of you,
brought out my stubborness.
My friends all say I was fair,
but the thought of you loving someone else...
forgive me for my inconsideration.
I cant bear to let you go,
yet i cant hold on,
like a drug,
got to keep coming back for more.
Sweeter than the sweetest of chocolates,
smoother than the flavor of wine,
What am i suppose to do?
when someone like me,
tries to resist some one like you?
Going crazy thinking about you,
falling out of my sanity is less painful,
then falling out of love with you.
So what am i to do?
I cant keep holding on,
its so hard to resist,
Please forgive my mind,
I'm giving in... to my heart.

~written by S 4:10 PM March 2,2002