2002-03-02 23:18:19 (UTC)


so the drugs thing was really bothering me lots and lots, i
was pretty sure i couldn't go out with someone who was on
drugs. i didn't tell him that right out, cuz i didn't wanna
force him to do anything... like say it's that or me or
something... but he could tell that i was really bothered
by it. so he says that he's not going to do it anymore, it
was his decision and i didn't make him do it... so i'm
thinking he might be more likely to stick with a decision
he made on his own. he asked me out on monday and i said
yes knowing that he has stopped but i'll watch him like a
hawk probably for a very long time. But i also told him
that i dont want him to lie to me about it either (i still
wouldn't wanna date him if he was doing that so if he told
me i could take some action -- he just doesn't know that's
why i told him i want him to be honest with me)
So far things have been going quite well, so we'll see how
things go from here.