My Life by Jen
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2001-05-06 18:27:35 (UTC)

Who am I?

As I was looking through other people's diaries, I noticed
that nobody really likes to say much about who they are. So,
In no particular order here is the list of me:
Name: Jen
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Status: single and straight
personal thought: you are who you choose to be
I hate it when: people wear sunglasses when they talk to you
I love it when: people hug me
I dislike it when: people try to be who they aren't I hate
fake people...people who try to cover themselves up...why
should you be ashamed of who you are?
Three words that describe me: laidback, happy, fun
I value my: sense of humour
I am unhappy with: my body. But isn't everybody?

So that's me, in a nut shell:)
And, I enjoy feel free to...I love feedback.
I love to listen, I love to write, I love my life:)

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