mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-02 21:27:19 (UTC)

how can there be PEACE ??

I love Lisa, and she loves, why is she always
upset with me ?? am i really an unmanageable asshole ? am i
really that mentally fucked-up that she is unable to deal
with me ?? I really want this to work for us, but it always
seems that i cant do anything right. If i say something ,
it gets her upset, if i do something , i either did it
wrong, or i shoulda done it sooner , or without her asking.
I honestly do love both mike & nicole , and they say that
they love me, but neither one of them show much respect for
me or their mom. i am in counseling , and lisa was , and
she is half hartedly trying to get kids into counseling,
but i dont know if it will work. I want us to be
a "family". i guess that i am the outsider. maybe i really
dont belong. i have never been in any cliques here at work,
or anywhere else, so maybe it is true that i am an outcast.

we will see.....