mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-02 20:59:03 (UTC)

it's over....

well, got letter in mail today from mt. holyoke college,
sayin that "Mt Holyoke College has made the very difficult
decision to narrow the candidate pool and believes that
other candidates for the Public Safety Dispatcher position
meet our needs more appropriately" so, i am now totally &
officially out of running there. Lisa is still pissed that
I didnt just go ahead and agree with the pay cut, but that
isnt me. I want to keep peace but i also want my kids not
to lose out either. I will just keep lookin, and eventually
I will find something closer that I will be able to take.
At least i have a job at moment that isnt going to
disappear. and benefits here aarent bad, actually I dont
think i can find much better benefit wise, it is the people
that i work with that are the problem, not the job...
i have a dentist appt. on Mon. also gonna try to get car
inspected, see if it will pass... (bring on the rubbin
alcohol!)came home last night, and now there are 3 betta
fish on computer desk....1 is in small bowl, other 2 are in
divided tank... none appear to be very active, but they are
pretty. Tiny is also movin around quite a bit now, and i
think that he has eaten all the crickets, although i only
found remains of 1 so far. I will also get jon his check
this week, and probably get more crickets toward end of
week (thurs.).
Jon & Jessica also got a new computer, my brother was over
last night & is comming over again today to set it up for
them. I dont know what is going to happen to the old
computer, they got complete new system, computer, monitor,
printer, scanner whole deal... I am hoping that I will be
able to get old system, but since i am black sheep now, i
doubt i will see any of it. i am tired of being shut out,
and i have to find way around this. I think i am gonna have
to tell kids to leave uncle & grandparents in ct, dont tell
me anything, cause it is causeing me too much stress.
I guess that is about it for now... if i get anything more
in my head to write about , i will be back later....

------- CAIO !!!!