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2002-03-02 19:50:08 (UTC)


So it's spring break now! Yah HAh...SO I can home
Thursday night and just chilled. Then Friday I get up and
turn the TV on and of course IT DOESN"T WORK. THat was
pretty crappy b/c i was just going to sit around and do
nothing. Plans changed though so I cleaned the house, went
to town, went for a run and showered:) THen Sean came hoem
and I helped him pack for florida, he needs lots of help.
THen I came hoem and talked to mary and we decided to make
dinner. We made homemade french bread pizzas, mashed
potatoes, corn and salad! Interesting combo huh? But Mary
made this sauce that was edible from this disgusting start,
GO MARY! So then we just chilled out and Janet showed up
and we fed her and ate yummy ice cream:) Let's see then we
went to see 40 days and 40 nights. It was okay but some
very dumb scenes. Afterwards we had a sleep over at marys'

Then this morning mary and I were interent shopping while
janet slept and then we made homemade pancakes w/ soy milk,
yummmmy! Mary bitched alot about her stupid roomies but it
was funny. Then we were off to the mall for a quick jot.
We didn't stay long b/c we had to get home and we are goign
to SOmerset and Chicago later this week:) Maybe Canada!