Product of a Broken Home
2002-03-02 18:59:16 (UTC)

am i dreaming my life away?

ah, people actually read the entire last entree...i'm
scared, happy though.

on a completely different note. i had an odd dream last
night. not as odd as some of aaron's dreams lately, but

so, i was living in a trailer with some ppl, i think it was
me and thse 2 guys, neither of whom i know from real life.
and we were talking about megan, who had moved away, and
one of the guys had been dating her.

then for some reason i started watching friends, and it was
an old episode. monica was going to marry this guy who
wasn't chandler. it was really weird. when the guy was in
the room he looked like what Tim Curry looks like now, and
when he was out of the room, he looked like Dennis Millar.
in the show, he made some comment about some porn movie
they were watching, in the way of "isn't that woman hot,
with those dark clothes, and that long black hair".

then i flashed back to the non-television portion of the
dream, and accused megan's ex, who aso looked a bit like
tim curry, but not quite, of cheating on megan with monica.

oh, and all this took place in this two story trailer my
family and i were living in. my parents weren't home
because they were of having sex or something.

there are multiple things messed up about this dream, but
lets start with, that episode of friends never really
happened, did it?