look at me
2002-03-02 18:54:19 (UTC)

Once Upon My Life. . . III

it seems as if every day there is something new. life
seems to be a neverending soap opera drama. i am not the
biggest fan of drama, but it looks like i'm stuck with it.
i can't understand what people are talking about half the
time. "you look cute" "want to go shopping" "my nail
just broke" "this video game is fun" does any of this
stuff REALLY matter? no! and it is hard for me to relate
because it seems as if these people who claim to be
genuine 'real' christians don't want to talk about God! it
sickens me a bit because we should be focused on Him
instead of casually mentioning His name before meals and at
church. where has the importance of Jesus Christ gone? i
don't know, it's just sort of frustrating....