The lost little girl
2002-03-02 18:50:33 (UTC)

hello there...

ok..so now my count is up to 5... i have seen queen of the
damned 5 times. and i will prolly end up seeing it again
with aaron cuz he asked me a few days ago. that would be
6..oh well..i could never get enough of this movie.
i actually got to hang out with kate last night. it was
cool. i haven't seen her in days...that just didn't feel
right. so when i came downstairs and she was in my living
room i was very very happy. me and her and jimmie and chris
hung out at her house and ended up going to see the movie
together. kate and jimmie weren't to into it..but oh
well.can't do anything about that.
tonight i am going to a party at psc. yep..it's kenny. i
hope that the night goes well i don't want something like
chris's mom showing up again to ruin the party.*cringe8 that
fuckin' sucked hardcore.
well i'm still sick..and on sudafed...this sudafed is
deffinately kicking my ass. i get all spinny and tired at
the same time..i can't even walk sometimes. it is bad.
well i have to jet...i have to get ready for tonight. i will
talk to you all soon.

daily quote : "..and now we come to the tail end of our
tour at the turkey farm...this is Mordimore..he's the
cracked out turkey...no kids don't poke him, that only gets
him more angry..."- yeah that came from my own
mouth..nice huh...of course thanks to jimmie for the sound

another one: " as Spears goes after Wendleboe, she must be
laughing b'cuz she doesn't seem to be crying, or even
bothered by wendleboe's punches. Oh Wendleboe goes the the
leg lift..oh that did not makes spears happy..oh god look at
the face on spears. i have seen that before..that is never a
good thing..." - me and jimmie being annoucers for kate and
chris's fight.