Fire Star

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2002-03-02 18:04:21 (UTC)

Bad week

Dear Diary,

This week's fast was definitly not great. I'm down to 115-
114, but I ate alot more than i should have. I guess this
something that you get better at with time, hopefully.

I went to the mall last night with my boyfriend, his
brother, and his friend *Jack. It was alot of fun. I used
to be such a mall rat, I used to go every friday, but I
haven't gone in a long while. Ever since I started dating
Draven, I haven't gone one Friday. He doesn't like the mall
and refuses to go. He is sort of selfish I think. It's
always about what he wants to do, not me. But it's ok,
usually he likes to do the same things as me. I really do
miss going to the mall tho. I miss all the old things. Old
friends, old hang outs, old memories. I miss being thin
without worry, I miss being happy. I just wish things could
be like they used to be but everyone has changed. I hate

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