a little piece of me
2002-03-02 17:41:34 (UTC)

biggest pet peeve

alright, i'm sure i've written about this before, but i'm
going to do it again anyway. it's driving me insane. i
absolutely hate it when people don't listen. i don't talk
much to begin with, and when someone else is talking, i
give them my full attention. when it's my turn, i expect
the same from them. these people that don't listen,
they're the ones always telling me to feel free to talk to
them. the second i start to talk, they stop paying
attention! i quit. i'm not talking to people anymore.
i'm going to become a recluse. i think that's for the best
anyway. i've been listening to this song. the main lyrics
sum up what i'm feeling right now-- 'i stand alone.
everything that i believe is fading'. simple, but that's
just how it goes.

it's still snowing outside. big, wet flakes. the kind
that turn to slush fairly quickly. just great (note--
sarcasm). it's supposed to get really cold tonight, which
means all that crap is going to turn into a big sheet of
ice. how wonderful. i really needed to work at the design
studio this weekend, but no way am i driving all the way
there in this crap. guess i'll stay in and try to get some
stuff done here. must clean. the birds made a huge mess
where there cages sat, so now i have the opportunity to
clean up thoroughly.

thrilling, eh? no wonder people don't listen to me. i
never have anything important to say.