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2002-03-02 17:29:09 (UTC)

Dream 9.28a

I had an odd dream last night and I want to remember it.

I was on some sort of trip to San Francisco with a lot of
people I know. One of them lived in SF (a guy I've known
for about three years- but he doesn't live in SF). The place we we
staying at was on a hill looking over downtown SF,but we weren't far
from it at all. We had to do some sort of skit or something and
like that)and in it, we would kiss. And we did.

Then I woke up. I wanted to continue the dream, so I went
back to sleep.

Now, we were alone, walking around. I think a lot happened
before this part, but I don't remember what. I think we
were together but we hadn't been for very long time. We
were close. I don't remember exactly where we were, but I
know we were outside. I remember talking about SF and how
much I liked it there and how he was lucky to live there.
He said he would show me around and we could go to his
house sometime.

Then that part of the dream stopped. I didn't wake up and
there was no transition between that part of the dream and
the next. Kind of like a scene in a movie or something.

Now I am in SF with my family. We are staying in the same
area as before, but a different building. It's late in the
day and the sun is setting. I walk all the way from where
we are stayng to the waterfront and back before the sun
goes all the way down. It may have been later that evening
or the next bay, but we (one other person and myself) went
to the store and I saw his dad and brother shopping (I
don't know if he has a brother or how I recognized his
dad...) For some reason, we started talking about water and
how one kind tasted better than one that is sold at school

I don't know what all of this means, but I found it
interesting because I don't usually remember my dreams.
Infact, the last one I remembered had the same guy in it
and I found out he was gay (he isn't really)...

Oh, I never got to talk to mysterious voisin. I tried to get his
phone number, but no one had it. I am still really worried about him.