Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-03-02 17:07:56 (UTC)

Down in flames

Not even my family gives a shit anymore. Colleen totally
kicked me out of the room ive been sleeping in, and all
ashley does is yell at me. I cleaned up all the stuff of
mine colleen threw in the hallway, and there were a couple
things left that she threw as i was sitting in the hall
putting my jewelry on. I tossed em in the room to get them
out of the way for the moment and ashley went fucking off
on me. Two damn things, she went off on me. Its bad
enough I dont fit in at school, or in this world for that
matter, but i dont even fit in at home, which sucks the
most of all.

When I woke up this morning I finished my book, the third
in a series ive been reading called The Daughters of
Merlin: Merlin's Legacy. Yeah, Im into the whole King
Arthur thing. It would have been so cool to live in times
back then, really intresting. I guess you can say Im olde
fashioned. ;)

But that doesnt change the feeling of being all alone.

Yeah I almost messed things up with matt, again, because Im
too stupid to admit my emotions to anyone, including
myself. Youd think I would learn... then again, if you
thought that, indeed you wouldnt know me very well. Lol.
I never learn.

No, Im not self-loathing, nor do I feel any pity for
myself. I just feel like im walking in a dream, living
what ive already seen is going to happen, because every day
is practically the same, and despite myself, I like it that

*BIG HUG* Matt, I dont think you could ever understand how
much I love you

Mary, I miss you, and Huggles, I miss you too, I love both
you guys
And even though you never see this- you too Val.