nothin left to say
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2001-05-06 16:40:59 (UTC)

havent written nethin like..

havent written nethin like really relevant or nothin in
here in a while so i guess ill do some 2day. ive been
really busy lately w/baseball and then all my teachers
deciding that they want 2 give me more hw and projects and
shit. i havent gone out in a while because well i dont have
neone to go out w/. i dunno that may sound really corny,
and it prolly is, but im not the kind a kid whos gonna go
out and juss chill by myself. 2 insecure. i really dunno
what to do cause like i talk 2 my old friends sometimes and
like i dunno. whatever. its fuckin hard 2 explain. ive gone
w/out friends to really juss chill w/or like talk to for
let see.... since november maybe....6 months. thats a long
fuckin time. i have like friends at my new school, a lot of
them, but i dont chill w/them on weekends. they live too
far away, and they're so like different from my other
friends. they're like complete preps and like take a lot of
shit for granted, and i cant really relate to taht. i guess
its just me. whatever. shit im gonna go outside play some
ball, later