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2002-03-02 13:00:03 (UTC)

dear all today i think i m..

dear all

today i think i'm going to go shopping with my sister and
her boyfriend. this promises to be fun i think. i hope. i
don't know him all that well but maybe this is a good way
to get to know him. he is a nice guy.

then i'll probably surprise shewy at his house. thats
always fun.

boy what a night i had last night. i babysat for my
sister's friend's baby, Ezmerelda Jellybean Doyle. cool
name huh? yeah... she's 11 months old but i didn't get to
see her cause she was already asleep. but then i watched
10 things i hate about you and dirty dancing. i love the
latter. its so good. reminds me of my childhood. and by
that i don't mean that i was a 6-year-old slut who dirty
danced but that i watched that movie and enjoyed it.

i got a taxi home at like.... 3 and then i went to bed.
and i was thinking about how much i want to move out.
cause karen, ezmerelda's mom, is a single mom who lives by
herself with ezmerelda and has this cute little apartement
and lotsa nice little things everywhere. i just think that
would be so nice. but i wouldn't live alone i don't think.
i would probably convince shewy to move in with me... or
just come over all the time.

you know what? i've run out of jokes. good ones. i need
some killer jokes.

send me some!!!!!

well... off to get a shower/neutralise my stomach acids

lateron aligateron


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