Visions Of Life
2002-03-02 10:39:03 (UTC)

Delusions- An Anti Poem

All these thoughts
Dreams that everything would be alright
For nothing good can come
Tossing in my bed
No longer able to run
Can barely cry
Hell, I cant even think
I thought things would work
That I could survive anything
And still be happy
But in my lonelyness
I find I will never be happy
There is nothing worth living for
That of course is another delusion
I have things to live for
But sometimes why bother
I am a burden
Always make mistakes
A thorn in the ass
I should just disappear
Everytime I think
Im done with hurting
I grasp a knife and think
Would this help?
Then set it down
Because nothing will help
Nothing can help
Everything is fucked up
And Im to blaim
Everytime I close my eyes
I see only darkness
If a rainbow comes
I chase it away
Ignorance is my curse
Ending my nightmare
Isnt as easy as before
If I fail
Someone will still die
Tho I wish it would be me
Crying myself to anti sleep
What did I do to deserve to be alone?
I should walk
Into my own twilight
Abandon everything
Live out my curse alone
Where I will never be found
Till the end