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2001-05-06 14:48:15 (UTC)

Dragons breath


I've just returned from a flat we have, we're cleaning it
out and renting it and before todays efforts (mostly my
mum's work, she's a star) I would have said that someone had
to be crazy or blind to rent the place out but now it looks
alright, you can tell that the carpet is red, something I
wasn't sure of when we entered through the shabby doors. On
a sad note Jas has gone back to uni, the house seems to be
abandoned when he leaves, and we all seem to retreat to our
own places, me on the computer, dad in his study and mum,
well, anywhere (it only just occured to me that mum doesn't
have a place.)

Tomorrow the flat gets a lick of paint, and I get to do my
wall painting of a dragon, i've made some sketches and I'm
aiming for a simple but effective adaptation of a design I
saw on the web, I can't wait to see it, a blood red dragoon
with a small scrawl saying "sims" underneath, it's more than
likely that it'll get painted over but I'm ok with that,
what i don't confirm can't hurt me.

Across from the flat there's a load of sk8rs, it's cool but
I'm ugly and unable to skate board (something I plan on
changing in the near future) so all i could do was watch,
sometimes this proved amusing, a tear in my eye as I watch
Britains finest, pride? No, hysteria (for those who have
their brains switched off that means the people across the
road weren't very good)

I'm sorry for starting this diary, there really is no way
I'll keep going for to much longer, I'll attempt to but I
was stupid in trying so near to my trip to India, the whole
summer holidays spent in a place with no internet connection
and ::sigh:: a language I've yet to master.

**I thought I heard the cry of a lost child, it turned out
to be my own voice**