Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-03-02 08:13:30 (UTC)

Today I Am Happy...

Well....today i had a good day. I didn't work and well i
got to sleep in till 11. :-) So that in itself was a real
good day. Mark also took me to go pick up my check. Thats
was another happy moment. I got 100 bucks for 10 hours
worth of work. I can't wait fot the next check. It's gonna
be pretty fat. Like 600 bucks or something. So yeah. I got
promoted from calling people and doing surveys to people
calling me and me answering question. I love it. Plus i get
to work normal hours. 9am to 5pm. Yay for me.

Anyways...i went to the punk show with Mark and Bubba. I
had fun. I love those friends. Like Shaggy, Vee, David,
Cynthia, Bob, Priscilla, Eddie, Ben...and so on. I hardy
know them but we're all super cool. I love it. I love
Shaggy and Vee the most. I guess Vee wants to break it off
with Shaggy. That makes me sad cuz Shaggy is soooo cool. I
love him soo much. I'd date him but i don't really want a
relationship. So yeah. And Joe wasn't there. Thank BOB!
Yes! That made my day even better. So yeah. Mark just
dropped me off. I love him too.

Anyways....Jason made a new entry in his diary. He said he
lubbed me. That made me happy. I haven't talked to him in a
while. I miss him sooooo much. I lub him soooooooo much
too. He's super cool. I love talking to him. He keeps me
pretty level headed. Plus he's super funny.

Jason....if you read this " I MISS YOU THIS MUCH well
okay i miss you more then that but you get the jist. "

Anyways, well...i guess serena is having another bon fire
tomorrow. I dunno whats up with that. I'm not sure if its
even gonna happen. They want me to play taxi again but i
won't have a car. I hope thats not the only reason they
want me to go. That would suck fat hairy balls.

Hmmm.....What to write....what to write....i dunno....i'm
pretty happy at the moment. No one's rained on my parade
lately. It feels good to be happy. No more cutting for me.
Man...i just feel so open, free, and just all around happy.
I was being all super social tonight. I was talking to
strangers and everything. And when we were all sitting
outside, i was just thinking about how happy i was to be
alive. I know i say that i'm not happy alot, but its times
like these which make life worth living.

I have a job, i am doing my scholorship stuff, i turned in
my FAFSA. I have my life in order. I feel like i have a
purpose in life now. I don't feel like such a loser. I'm
gonna try and get an intership at this radio station. Not
my first pick but at least it's a radio station. I can only
move forward from there. I think its the whole job thing
that has made me like this. It's work and its tiring but
hey i get paid. And soon i'll be able to buy my car. I
really want my Focus, but i guess i'm just gonna buy some
clunker. That way if i total this one, it won't suck as
bad. So yup...

Hmmmmm...let's see. Well, Bubba kissed me today. Then the
second time i kissed back. It wasn't nothing big. Just made
me realize that i'm cool with him now. He's pretty cool. I
wish i had met him when he first moved here. I guess he's
leaving back to North Carolina in july or something. I
punked him out today. Boy did he look hot. Dude...i totally
have some super punking abilities. I can work magic.
HeHeHe. Hmmmm...he still has my shoes. Oh well... i don't
wear them anyways. He also has my shirt. Wait! I think it's
in marks car. So yeah...Mark has my red chucks. I need
those. Hmmm....

I have also made some new cool friends at work. Some young
some old. I like variety. I just like anything new. I guess
that's why i am happy. I have new punk friends, new work
friends, and just new umm...everyday friends. Plus i have
Jason. I miss him....grrrrrrrr...I love him soooo much. I
think about him everyday. I totally love talking to him.
He's a super cool friend.

Dude i just want to run up and down the street screaming,
"I'M SOOOOO HAPPY." But with my luck, someone would shoot
me. Then i wouldn't be too happy. So i'll pass on that. La
dee da da. well....i am gonna go watch some tv and make me
some more hemp bracelets. Speaking of which...i made me a
super cool anklet. You oughta see it. Well...ok i'm gonna
go now...damn this entry was long. Ok..bye.