This isn't life !
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2001-05-06 14:08:54 (UTC)

perfect day

Well, not really a perfect day but I've decided to give to
my entries song's names. I've had a revelation. Friday
evening I went to a party, We were only two girls, me and
my friend Pauline, who has spent the night sleeping on the
sofa. B, the boy I already talked about, was there and
we've flirted a lot (like we've drunk every glas together,
and smoked every cigarette together, etc...) and I realized
something : I'm in love whith him. Oh my God I'm in love
whith B ! I know you're thinking : but why don't you go out
whith him then ? Well, here's the problem : he's one of my
best friends' ex, and she's still very in love whith him,
actually she's always talking about him. One hour ago, I
recieved an e-mail from her, saying that she can't forgive
and forget him, that she would like huim to be unable to
flirt anymore whith anybody. Well I must say he's still
able. I didn't told her about my feelings about B, I know
she would be angry, because she was in love whith my ex
when he was in love whith me, and she she was very
jealous, and know I'm about to out again whith the guy
she's in love whith. I don't know what's the most important
for me : her or him... I really like her, I've spent great
moments whith her, I know her since we're 6, she's like a
sister to me. But B... Now I know I'm in love whith him.
When he looks at me, I don't know what I'm saying anymore,
he's got so beautiful eyes, so blue, so deep, and when he
talks to me I don't hear anything else anymore, he's the
only one speaking, he's the only one there, all the others
have gone, all the lights have turned off when he's
arrived. Help me, please, what should I do ?