humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-03-02 07:31:26 (UTC)

"i love you"is as empty as "beef jerky tips"

ok honestly i mean i know that i am with jason-ish or
whatev but hank told me he like still cared for me and
everything and then we all party at nikkis and we were all
drunk and hank fricken eats jackie out and then i flipped
out like no other about it becuz he knew tht i still cared
for him and he had just told me ealrier how much he still
cared for me.... dont tell me u care about me if ur just
gonna fuck around with my friend later, whether we're
fucking attached or not thats bullshit i am so sick of
hearing the words i love you, everytime i hear that i get
fucked over so they r kinda starting to mean absolutely
nothing to me anymorewhich really blows and i am sick of
boys... do u understnad fucking dexter kissed me and MEGAN
tonight and jackie do u have any idea how bad that is gonna
be if nikki finds out and hank kissed me too and just holy
shit i'm done whatev thatts gay i'm fucking done....