heaven's tearz
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2002-03-02 07:15:37 (UTC)

its just late

i dont know where to begin and what to say. i just got home
from chilling with some of my friends. we went to chinatown
to have our usual bubble tea tradition. i spent the whole
day thinkin about D and what to do about this situation. he
hasnt called and im worry and mad and sad and im about to
cry but im a strong person. i can not cry about no guy just
because he does not want to be with me or hiding from me
but how can he hide from me i didnt do anything wrong well
not to what i believe wrong would be. maybe he got tired of
all my bullshit and just decided to go on with his life and
live with out me. i have been with him for over a month but
has known him for like seven years.

how can he just walk out on me like this. i dont even know
wha is goin on. i rather him tell me he dont want to be
with me than to leave me hanging. helpless not knowing when
this rope will be cut. im suffocating on my own worries. i
feel like im going to die on all the broken promises. prick
my finger and let the blood drown me of all this pain. this
pain i wish it will end. i just want him to love and be
with me but i dont know where i went wrong. how can he want
to leave me after he tried so hard to be with me. wha is
left to say.. to do.. but to wait and let the tears absorb
in my pillows who is so used to them by now.