the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-03-02 06:54:15 (UTC)

Rodeo Queen

there are no nice boys left thats right they are all
taken .. I am wondering if I am too critical ! Yeah tonight
Tiff's new love interest told me I was to critical .. I
mean I just looked at him and I was like humm maybe I am..
maybe that's why I have no boyfriend and I am feeling
really crapy about myself and this damn hair cut wheich I
want to kill .. i hate it .. maybe I can just cut the
bottum off and it will be better okay yeah so I met a nice
older man tonight .. his name is blake he is single and
whoa is he hot .. he is like short like me and I dunno just
has an ora about him I just wanna take him and be like
hello friend.. damn its good to be a gansta .. ( thanks
mandi) ne ways so yeah I feel like shit right now for some
reason.. taking applications .. McCall needs a nice man ..
that right I am now acceppting aplicants.. apply at your
own risk .. I am codepent and I hate to be showered with
affection .. I like affection just not the gross un cute
get away from me before I scream kind aka not looking for
another Kennith ! I dunno what is my problem and tiff has
through Steven away .. she has now moved on to Brandon the
above mentioned ! okay so yeah I get the feeling that he
does not like me or thinks I might be immiture but whever I
don't care he seems pompus ! and I hope he does not hurt
Tiff b/c I dunno she is sooooo sweet ! and deffently a good
alli! I dunno well I am going to go I feel tired so lates
everyone .. Mc

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