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2001-05-06 13:20:45 (UTC)


Well today Sunday yuck school tomorrow. anyway i dont know
what im doing today should i go to myle's party?? i dont
know im not in the party mood and plus for someother reason.
but anyway last night sucked i ddint talk to anyone i just
fell asleep watching SNL, and then i came on at 12:35 to
see if anyone was online bt no one was :( well ok let me
tell you about the little argument i had yesterdy with
yaya. well ok she wont accept any of my freinds she always
compares me to my fucking younger cousins! like i give a
shit what they wanna be when they grow up and what kind of
grades they get. so what if my gpa isent high but u know
who got a call back from 2 modeleing agencies?? me so yaya
can go to fl for all i care just as she dosent expect me to
be over there and be little miss perfect cuz im not. she
doesnt like any of my friends because no fucking reason
they never did anything to disrespect her, so what the
hell is up her ass? im gonna act like i didnt care and pray
to god she just accepts one person inpaticular....well im
out im gonna make angel breakfast and get him ready cuz he
has a game. well ill write more later on..

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