bRuIsEd VioleT
2002-03-02 06:13:24 (UTC)

sleepy girl.....

yeah, so im tired from cooking a shitload of vegeterian food for brians bday, the big 24... we had lots of alcohal and listened to the casuaties and the unseen, etc, it was janie, aimee and xero, chris, karrrryn, laura, ame, jason, matt, jackson, brett,ron, natalie and james... too bad his brother didnt show up... i think thats really fucked up, first we're not invited to his dinner at OUR favorite mexican restraunt, then he doesnt call back for 2 weeks or show up at his own brothers bday... i dont care. fuck it. it was cool of some of my friends to show up for his party, i know that meant alot to him... jknee is asleep, and the guys are still here playing their game and drinking... go home already, assholes.....so ive bbeen eating kinda normal and i still am anorexic weight...its not like im starving myself or something.... i lost 40 lbs since last year, over 20 in 2 months... kick ass...