Beanie Babys Life
2002-03-02 06:00:41 (UTC)

My life

hmmm....where must I start? My life to me has been hard to
deal with....If you were in my shoes, I think you'd
agree..... maybe you might of taken things differently from
me...or maybe the same....well here I go.

When I was born:

I was born in Brisbane at the Mater Hospital on the 23rd Of
April 1988 at 6am. I had an older sister that was 3 turning
4. She was born on the 6th Of May 1985. Any way.... it was
me, my sister, mum, dad, grandma and grandpa.....2 years
later my brother was born, on the7th April 1990. A couple
months later, my family and I went to Greece.... all my
relatives from my dads side are there. We stayed with my
Grandma and Grandpa for a while, then we moved to my
Aunties house.

I don't remember it much, we stayed there for about 3
years, when I was turning 4 we moved back because we didn't
really like it much there.......I remember playing in the
snow, being scared of the toilet.....not wanting to go to

I remember at pre-school in Greece. I took my sisters
favourite doll to school, and 2 guys thinking they
were "cool" snatched it off me and threw it onto the
road... I cried about that, told the teachers but the
teachers didn't do a know why.....cause they
didn't give a damn....I remember once, we were sitting
down......and the teachers said.....if you swear or say
some thing rude we will put pepper on your tongue.....I
hated it there...........every one was mean to me..... I
was forced to go by my mum.....When I was turning 4 we came
back to Brisbane.....I remember my first day of pre-school
here.....At first I wanted to go... I couldn't wait....but
as soon as I got there, looked at the kids and teachers I
wanted to go home.... I remember crying and being so
shy.....My mum found her way and snuck out when I wasn't
looking....cheeky mum..
I had a best friend there, her name was Joanne.. she was
so awesome....she had blonde hair, blue eyes and was
skinny.... we were so close.....well I felt it that we
were. she was so awesome.....I remember doing every thing
with her, even going to the toilet...haha!

Grade 1:
In grade 1 I remember I was fine... didn't cry at used to school...but I remember a girl, Rachel
was crying and didn't want her mum to cute.....
I remember I ended up getting the chicken pox from my
sister for a couple of weeks... and when I came back, every
one was like, I missed you....

Grade 2:
I started Greek school. I don't remember much of grade 2....My best
friend though
was Shabnam, she was pretty cool. I remember my bird died
in grade 2.....we had it ever since we were little so yeah
I did have a cry....My first crush was a guy named Luke, I
still even remember what he looks like. his best friend was
Daniel Crisp

Grade 3:
That to me was the worst year at the time... my best friend
was still Shabnam, my crush was Andrew. he was spanish and
oh what a hunk! took $20 out of my grandmas
wallet and gave it to him....and well got! Before I
started liking him...I was with this other guy from greek
school....well me and him kissed in the car park at a greek thingy...
he was like 2-3 years older then he knew more then me
basically....and took advantage...a week later i dumped him cause i
liked andrew and yeah... I remember having fights with Shabnam and
Tori and all them.

Grade 4:
My best friend left the school.... and my sister wanted to
change schools cause no one liked her and stuff.. so we
changed to Dutton Park State School...I didn't like it much
there.... I had only 2 friends, Ghadeer and Sanela...But
the guy I deeply loved from the start was Jared Purcell....

Grade 5:
I got my period for the first time, start Cretan
Dancing.... my grandma died.....I lived with my grandma basically
from the first day I was born....she was basically my mother....she
looked after me, cleaned after me, watched out for me, was always
there for was like she was my gaudian angel...when she
died i didn't take it well at was horrible to me...she
passed away in May....near my sisters birthday....for 3 months, i
prayed and prayed....didn't get my prays i started to
not believe in god and hated him...... I remember when I was little I
had this friend in my mind.. and i'd always play scissors rock and
paper... i don't remember what he looked like but his name was
snoopy....and he was so funny...he'd make me laugh and people would
look at me like what is she laughing at ? lol well any way....... I
started smoking....turned mum and sister didn't pay
attention to any thing i said...every time i talked they talked on
top of i thought that i didnt even i started to
cut my wrists... cut depressed

Grade 6:
Things were still the same....

Grade 7:
Things were the still the same too.....

Grade 8:
First year Of high! I was at the hospital alot....
starving myself, cutting my wrists, overdose...started counciling in
november.......i still smoked....drank.......stopped cutting
myself... at the end of the year i was popular and hung out with the
popular group.

Grade 9:
My life is getting there, trying to overcome my fears, and stop
getting depressed and being so's alright I guess... I
still smoke...but not drink or cut myself.....I'm trying to believe
in God... I do but its confusing and yeah.......