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2002-03-02 05:18:54 (UTC)

Great date!!!!! weather sucks though

Well the job, sense I have forgotten to tell you, is at
this dry cleaners. I would just be working front desk, part
time from about 2pm to 7pm any only about 2/3 days a week
and Saturdays. It would be a PERFECT job for me and I
REALLY want it. I hope she calls.
I'm SUPER ass happy for Charlene! She got hired by the time
we walked home LOL. She went to work today at 9am... lol
she isn't a good moring person, but she really wants and
needs to work too (has to buy Dan's wedding ring, which she
found!!! (yippy!) So I don't know when she is getting home.
The date was LOVELY! I had a GREAT time. He is sweet and
FUNNY AS HELL! We he called at 7:50pm and i gave him
directions. He got to my house at about 8:20pm. We were
going to go play pool, but I forgot where it was LOL. So we
went to go bowling at Classic Bowl. I knew a couple of
people there too. LOL We only played one game, but it was
cause he and his buddies were going skiing todaya nd had to
leave by 5:30am. LOL Poor guy. It was fun. He won, but I
was SOOOO close... we both suck, so he won with 94 and I
had 88. LOL It was really fun. We laughed alot that night.
I really enjoyed myself. I hope that we can go out again
soon. =) You would be proud of me. I didn't even kiss
him... even though I REALLY wanted too. ;)
No school today! YIPPY! We had a Teacher Work Day. The
weather is pretty shitty out. Denver, Castle Rock, and
Ft.Collins are getting TONS of snow... All we have is wind
and little bit of snow, but we will get it soon enough.
DAMN! Oh well. Life goes on.
I have a date with Marcus today... I think.. he said he
would call in 20 minutes... that was like an hour ago. LOL
Men aren't too smooth with that are they? Calling that is.
Marcus just called we are going to try and see a movie and
maybe shoot for dinner too.
Anyway Josh and I are going to watch a movie this tuesday,
hopefully. That should be great. He is really sweet and
huge cuty. Always been my buddy no matter what :) hehehe

See ya!