Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
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2002-03-02 05:11:07 (UTC)

ever so sorry!

dear diary,
so much has happened in the amount of time in which i have
been absent from you. in any case i never realized how
great it was whenever i could write in here and never, ever
worry about anybody finding it. but onto newer and better

case number one: Sam *name has been changed to protect the
so i went to this crappy dance where i met this guy that i
used to know but hadnt talked to in a while. we got to
talking and he had brought some alchohol and we started
drinking some. after me and a friend were giddy, sam went
off and flirted with other people. when i asked him why he
wasnt talking to us, he said that he had no potential for
plat with us. me, being giddy, said he did but that he was
too chicken to try. we went for a walk and by the end of
the dance, we were making out outside. i dont know if he
likes me but i know that i like him and it scares me
because i dont wanna because hes not ready for commitment
he even told me so. and im pretty sure i remember us
agreeing that it would not amount/matter to anything. ill
keep you posted.

case number two:
my friend got a BF and they fell for eachother really fast
and they moved sexually really fast. by their one month
anniversary they had had sex. well, his parents kinda
walked in on her giving him a handjob and separated them
and sent her home and said that they couldnt see eachother
for a while. then he writes in his journal that he was
pretty sure he was already over her but that he didnt wanna
hurt her.

i think that all i can write right now. bye!
always and forever,