A day in the life....
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2002-03-02 04:26:36 (UTC)

Life is Good

To My Faithful Readers: (Steve, that's you)
Oh life...what a fickle and obscure thing it is. But if
it were not so, i would be ever so bored and droll.
*smiles* it's been a good, social, productive week. I have
enjoyed it immensely. Yes, even those annoying times. Like
the weather for in Indiana it is most
comparable to life. One day it is so nice, sunny, warm,
springlike..and then it's COLD, wintery white, snowy, but
has a glisten and beauty all it's own if we would only look
around..then there are those days when it rains or snows,
and it's gray, dark, gloomy and depressing but without
these days there would be less joy in the sunshine. (do you
see what i mean or am i talking in circles?) Oh well.
My friend Josh (the young'un from KY) asked me to his
prom, and i'd REALLY love to go and have fun with him but i
just can't. the number one factor is..*drum roll*..Parents!
If i lived on campus, far away, and had my own vehicle to
maneuver...i wouldn't have this problem most likely. Ah
well. C'est la vie. (that's life).
I get to work in Cardio-Pulmonary-Cancer Rehabilitation
in days to come soon! :o) I'm excited. I Made the DEAN'S
LIST for fall semester classes!!! Happy about that. I've
gotten to hang out and get to know a lot of my friends from
IV. Got to swing dance with Greg last Friday and this past
Monday (attempted anyways). Hung out with him and Kirsty
after IV thursday night. Spring Break meeting Sunday, get
to figure out music for the trip/group to sing. Monday i go
to the hospital for Rehab training then i cook dinner for
Greg, go to Prayer Group, then Swing for the final time
before break. (I Love To Dance!!!) I have A FEW tests this
coming week and A FEW more the week after we get back from
break...why is this? i don't know.
But anyways..that's my life! :o)
Oh and Steve, I Still haven't gotten your BELATED b-day
present sent out *hides* don't hurt me..but you'll like it
all the more once you get it. *laughs*
God bless you all!!!

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