life as it is
2002-03-02 04:13:21 (UTC)


So tonight was pretty boring. We went to patricks and
stuff. he had some guy staying with him who was hot, but
the boys never tired of reminding me how out of my league
he is. alas, i suppose im just that damn pathetic. all i
know is, i need a hook up. I dont know why, its not just
cause im horny, its more to do with the fact that i cling
to these random hook up things, they make me feel alive.
Wow that sounded messed up but its the truth. I can say
whatever I want, no one is going to read this. I'm going to
go to bed now. Work tomorrow....jacob is hot. I wonder if
he'll ever get serious about his asking me out thing. He
never tires of telling me im pretty and he wants to go out,
but he hasnt asked for my number yet. Oh well, maybe he is
too old for me. night night

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