Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-03-02 03:14:45 (UTC)

My Hell

My life seems so useless! Not needed for anything but to
live this horrible life that I have. I am only here to make
people cry and hurt them with the most harmful things that
could be imaginable! For how could one person do so much
harm to others. It is like I am the pleage! Tell me
something I dont know. That is all I know, is the evil I
have caused people... No one ever tells me what good I have
done onto them, so maybe I have done no good for anyone. So
much for one little person to do in such little time,
right? I am the root of all who know mes pain! Can I never
give this life up and make it better? Can I beat this
unfogetable truth of hate. I see hell in my eyes! Taken in
by suprise! Judging you makes me feel alive! But I want to
know the pain once again so I know that i am still here,
still awake, still alive! Never knew I could kill your
heart and make it mine. For I am just hell right here on
earth! I hate this life, let me leave and forget it
forever. Why have you forsaken me in my own hell of pain?
Please forgive my harsh words but what can you expect of
me, when I am from hell. Please, do not let me go... but
let my hell go!

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