Mah Life
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2002-03-02 03:06:46 (UTC)


Aww my poor Selena she was crying)= We went to tell Ryan
bye after school and she gave him a hug,n then when we were
walking away she started crying, I was like noo dont cry.
I felt so bad. I never know what to say when people are
crying. Well Paulina wanted me 2 find out if it was Liz,so
I asked her, she said for Liz to im her. I felt kinda dumb
becuz like yea,I didnt want to know. That pisses me off
that he would do that to her,I'll never understand the way
his head works. I am so stupid I asked Tommy if he wanted
to go somewhere with me today,n hes all I can't. I was
like oh yea. Im so stupid sometimes. I felt heka bad.