CrAzY LiFe!!
2002-03-02 02:39:08 (UTC)

Much since

Well well like I said much since....Krista moved back to
Kearney about a month ago but right when she got back guess
what happened?? Drugs....she bearly ever talked to me
anymore. Mostly just the guys or whoever could fix her
up...So she got in trouble so I guess shes in a Girls Group
Home for 2 month so she should be back by the midle of May
I would think. I wonder how she is? I haven't talked to her
in over a week cuz at the home she has to earn her
privliges (however u spell it). She she can have no
visitors. Man I cant spell...So anyways theres this guy I
like, Eric, but the thing is hes from FL. I havent talked
to him in like 2 days cuz yesterday I went lazer tagging
So. I'm gunna go now