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2002-03-02 02:11:29 (UTC)

a day 6.11p

Today was pretty um.
Moment of the Day- scary strange...mysterious voisin asked
me if I would ever commit suicide. Very strange. I guess.
Well it's only strange because that isn't a question people
ask me (infact, no one has ever asked me that). I told him
that I didn't know what would happen in the future, but I
couldn't see myself letting that happen. But you just don't
know. I know how I get. If I got worse, well, I don't know
what would happen. That's really not what I'm worried about
right now. I am really scared for him. I just realized
that. I know he didn't ask me that for me; I think he asked
for himself. That really scares me. I hope he's not really
thinking about that. I have to talk to him.

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