life as it is
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2002-03-01 23:12:22 (UTC)


Its friday night, im waiting for the awesome threesome to
get over here so that I can go out. Most of my other
friends cant...T is grounded til the end of time and then
some, athena is with meredith, kristen is at some christian
thing, and i dont know where laura is. John attempted tohug
me today, i didnt like it. It wasnt like before where i
felt so emotional, i just felt dirty. I dont know why
either. I need to go smoke, but i lack the enegery to get
up and go do it. I wonder if the boys will notice the new
cuts on my arm. oh well, hm i wonder if i'll hook up with
someone tonight, I hope not because im sure i'll just
regret it. well they're here...

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