Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-03-01 23:02:54 (UTC)

Waiting, impatiently, with a full belly

Im at my mom's work right now, its friday, chillin usin the
puter. Just ate so im really full, turkey, and stuffing,
and corn, and mash potatoes, omg im going to die. Ok my day
started with me getting up at 6:10, i planned on getting
picked up at a quarter till 7 to do Detention, Josh was
gonna pick me up, I waited and no josh, called him at 7:30
I was supposed to be at school at 7, he didnt wake up,
school starts normally at 8:05 so I was up early. I was
angry, josh then got sent to ISS for getting in a fight,
now he's got Friday school too, makes me more angry, some
girl pissed me off today so i pushed her into a locker and
screamed at her, hoping for her to hit me, she wouldnt,
that made me more angry. Some random guy came up behind me
and felt me up which made me more angry. So Ive been angry
all day, and now im angry cuz im bored, my mom's bein a
bitch. Gosh....I bitch alot, especially lately, it kills
me, i hate it when people whine and look what im doing. If
anyone would like to hit me in the face repeatedly feel
free. I dont think im going to get my lebret and tongue
pierced like i planned, im not really interested anymore,
not sure why. Im stressed out. My bday's the 28th, in
school. VFW concert on the 22nd, hopefully bday party with
d on the 23rd, school till the 29th, then a party in KY on
the 1st for mine and morgan's bday. Josh wants to spend
time with me on my bday. I have like 5 day's in MI. Its
crazy, i wish i had a vehicle. Kentucky is gay.

Song:I think im turning japanese