mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-01 22:27:03 (UTC)

what do i do ??

ok, lets set facts straight...
1- i cant stand partner that i work with..
2- i love my job.
3 - i love lisa
4- my commute is 85 mi one way...
5- i make $14.87/hr
6 - i pay $180.00/wk - child support/alimony
7- how can i find a job in western ma, northern ct that
will pay me at least what i am making now ?????

I have no clue..... I want to make sure that kids are taken
care of , i hate payin her money that i know kids dont see,
but it has to be done. I f i had my way , kids would be
w/lisa & i , and i know that they would approve, but i need
a lawyer to do that, and i cant afford one.

Lisa is tryin to get a job, over internet, now she needs
to get back into counseling & pound some pavement too, I
want everything to work for us, maybe i am asking too
How come i am not happy ?? I have that answer, cause If
kids arent taken care of , bills are still out there, and
lisa isnt happy, then i am not happy.

let all bills be up to date, let kids be all set, let lisa
have a job, then i will be happy....

Hey Dave - I saw you lookin at my computer , You are a fat
asshole !!!